Name:Sling Ming
Developer:Good Night Brave Warrior
Genre:Puzzle adventure
Platforms:Nintendo Switch, Steam (Win/Mac), iOS, Android
Release date:April 5 2018
Game website:www.slingming.com
Nintendo eShop page:https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/sling-ming-switch
Steam page:http://store.steampowered.com/app/489120
Developer website:www.gnbw.com
Press contact:info@gnbw.com
Screenshots, trailers and more can be found on Google Drive


The foreign kingdom Topius has lately been ridden by never-ending earthquakes; cracks in the ground spew out toxic fumes and the cherry blossoms have all been shaken off their branches. Princess Ming must find a way to save her kingdom before it all falls apart!

In the catacombs beneath the castle Ming finds the Oxylane, a long-forgotten breathing and transportation system. Hooked up to the Oxylane, she sets out on a quest for the three virtuous Crown Jewels that will reveal the hidden forces behind the menacing earthquakes.

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Mattias Brynervall - code
Andreas Brynervall - art
Burning Planet - music
Two Feathers studio - sound

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Good Night Brave Warrior

Good Night Brave Warrior is a team of two. Two twins to be precise. With a shared dream to recreate the gaming magic of our childhood.

Sling Ming is our first commercial project, but ever since the glorius times of the Commodore Amiga we have created games together. At the end of last century we created social freeware (not free-to-play) games together with some friends under the name Brainchild Design. Both of us worked in the games industry before quitting our jobs in 2012 to form our own independent studio. The name Good Night Brave Warrior is a quote from our favourite game.

Why Sling Ming?

Sling Ming brings back the character-driven platform adventure.

Growing up we played games all the time, it was a blast! Exploring strange and exotic kingdoms, saving the world from great evil or simply competing brother against brother. Games back then were often less about gritty war stories and more about adventures in distant and colorful worlds. We'd like to carry on this legacy and create a game which can be appreciated by all ages and genders. We follow our own vision and aim to make something we will be proud of. It's our firm belief that our passion will show in Sling Ming.

Logos and photos can be found on Google Drive